Prices and other information you might need

As of July 1, 2015

Prices (USD):
Premade Cover (ebook only): $30
Please check out the Premade Section. These are covers that I have already put together and just need to put in your title and author name.

Premade Cover (ebook and print): $70
This is for authors who need both a paper back version and an ebook version. I will make a print and ebook cover using one of the premade covers. Please send me the information you would like on the back.

Custom Cover (you supply the images): $40
It’s easier for both of us if you have your images selected and purchased ahead of time, and makes the process faster. Please be sure you have a legal right to use the pictures. Simply because they are on the internet or say they are ‘free’ does not give you a right to make money from their use. Make sure they say free for commercial purposes or you have purchased them for commercial use.

Custom Cover (you supply the link for the image): $40 + the cost of the image.
This means you’ve already chosen your image from a stock site (CanStockPhoto is my preferred choice) but you haven’t bought it. I will be happy to buy the license, though I will add the price for it to your final bill. I will not buy the image until the cover has been approved.

Custom Cover (I have to find the images): $45+ the cost of the image.
This means I need to look for the image and purchase it. I will send you links to the images on the stock websites until we find one you like, then I will make a mock up for your approval. I will add the price of the license to the final bill.

All e-book covers include covers for Smashwords and Amazon plus a thumbnail.

Print Cover: The cost of the front option plus $40 for the back and spine. This will include your pdf copy for print plus e-book covers for Smashwords, Amazon and a thumbnail. Be certain it is what you want before you approve it. Once it is made into a pdf, I will charge to re-do it.

Extras: $10 (each)
If you provide several pictures and want a complete cover made of each so you can choose which you like best, it will be $10 each since I am basically creating several covers

Special Deal: I might cut you a deal if you have multiple covers that are all alike except for title, subtitle or something simple.

I work with you to get a cover you are pleased with, however once you have accepted and paid for it I am willing to do a couple of minor tweaks for free. Major changes or repeated changes I charge $20 each.
Important Information:
• I am not a censor. I will make a cover for anyone, except people doing hate books.
• I check my e-mail at least 2-3 times a day, but I am not on it 24/7, so please allow me time to answer.
• The only way to contact me is through e-mail at I do not give my phone number out nor do I use it for business purposes.
I do not do original art covers but I can recommend Boris Rasin ( boris.rasin at gmail dot com ) who does an excellent job.
I do not format or edit but I can recommend : Chris Harris (osirus_1111 at yahoo dot com )
• Remember this is YOUR book cover. I want you to come away with something you are proud and happy with. If you’re unhappy you’ve wasted your money and my time, so please speak up.
• Premade covers are as is as far as pictures are concerned. If you want to swap out pictures of start changing things, it becomes a custom cover with custom prices.
• Payment will only be accepted through Paypal unless otherwise arranged ahead of time. The email address for that is (osirus_1111 at yahoo dot com ) I share the account with someone else. I generally will send you an invoice to make it easier for you, so it will come in his name, so don’t panic. Please don’t send message to this address. It is not mine and I will not get them.
• Once payment has been received in full, I will send you the covers.
• I know some authors like to contact several artists at the same time. Please don’t include me in the list.
• I will not start a cover until we have both agreed that I am hired, however once I’m hired, I expect to be paid for the work I do, even if you change your mind and decide to hire someone else.
• Please don’t just disappear and leave me hanging. I won’t do that to you, so please don’t do it to me. If you feel you aren’t accomplishing what you want with me, just say so.
• I will send copyright material information when I send you the final copy so that you can credit the artist.
• Please credit me on the flyleaf of your book. “Cover Design by Bonnie Mutchler”

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